Pass the NREMT on Your First Try with EMT Practice Test

A passing score on the National Registry Emergency Medical Technician test (NREMT) is your first step toward becoming a professional EMT. The national EMT test is difficult, but with proper studying it can be passed in the first try by anyone who sets their mind to it. At EMT Practice Test, you’ll find EMT practice exams designed to help you succeed on the NREMT national registry exam. EMT Practice Test can provide you with a variety of practice EMT exams to help you get a feel for the actual test, hone your knowledge, and gain the most from your EMT training.

Services available through EMT Practice Test include practice tests with customized EMT questions, virtual paramedic training, live assistance with your test preparation, EMT courses, EMS training, and other study resources to help you pass the EMT-B, EMT-I, or EMT-P national registry exams.



Focus on the Sections of the EMT

With customizable practice tests from EMT Practice Test, you’ll be able to focus your practice exams on the areas of the NREMT test that you need the most help with. Areas that are covered on the basic test include cardiology, airway and breathing, medical, OB/GYN and pediatrics, trauma, and EMS operations. Categories on the more advanced NREMT tests (the NREMT-I and NREMT-P) can also include rhythm identification, 12-Lead EKG, newborn assessment, pharmacology, and mental status.

If you’re having trouble with one or more of these study areas, you can easily adjust your practice EMT testing to have more questions in the areas that you need the most help with. You can even take a practice test that deals with just one study section. On the other hand, if you would like to give equal weight to each category on the NREMT test that you’re signed up for, simply select a randomized test with EMT questions in each category similar to the ones that you will see on the exam.

Find a Study Method that Works for You with Our EMT Practice Exams

Different people have very different ways of studying. That’s why EMT Practice Test offers you a variety of ways to prepare for your NREMT exam. You can start by completing your EMT training online through one of EMT Practice Test’s in depth courses and then prepare for your EMT certification exam with practice tests, flash cards, study guides, randomized questions, single-subject quizzes, and live help when you need it. Whatever you need to do to prepare for your NREMT exam, EMT Practice Test has the resources to help you pass with ease.

About the NREMT Test

The NREMT-B test, the test required to become a Basic EMT, is a two hour exam. The NREMT test consists of a computerized multiple-choice question section and a practical exam in which the test-taker must demonstrate their EMT training. Both sections of the test are important and EMT Practice Test can provide you with the training and preparation you will need to pass each section. You will need a score of at least 85% to pass the test. The best way to ensure a passing score the first time you take the test is to study. At EMT Practice Test, you’ll find all the resources you need to learn, retain, and demonstrate your skills as an EMT with flying colors at your NREMT exam.