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The EMT exam is as difficult as how people typically describe it. When preparing for the National Registry EMT, you need to remember that you don’t only need the right amount of preparation you need the RIGHT KIND of preparation.

Paramedic exam questions are technical and long-winded. Most of them are based on scenarios so it is unlikely for one to remember a definite question on the test. Moreover, it isn’t legal to post answers to paramedic exam questions.

The best tip to pass the EMT exam is to know the basics. Memorizing keywords won’t work as the National Registry test employs the same keywords within all probable correct answers. Knowing your stuff is the only way to pass. Don’t merely focus on the outlines. For example, try finding out the normal blood pressure for both infants and adults. What does cold clammy mean? What are the initial and late signs of shock? What are the breathing rates for both infants and adults?



Prepare for the National Registry by taking an EMT Practice Test

It is important that you know what is happening to the human body. Don’t merely memorize names of body parts and other irrelevant information. Find out how to tell whether an infant is breathing normally or not. Study guides offer questions on various subject but it isn't practical to simply memorize the figures mentioned. You can take an EMT practice test.

An effective study guide is one that uses the same format used by the National Registry (scenario and multiple choices). Choose a book that offers the correct answers, together with explanations. There are websites that provide the typical test and general answers – these won’t help. An example of an effective study guide is the pamphlet sold by the NREMT’S website. This booklet contains 50 questions and costs around 15 dollars.

After taking the EMT Practice Test

Taking the EMT training online or EMT courses will also be helpful.

After finishing your EMT exam, you will receive a report card with a list of your scores in every category. Other people fail during their first attempt. The design of the report card allows them to discover which category/categories to improve. However, with the right study guide and effort from you, you can pass your EMT exam on your first take!

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